Choosing the right carton

Moving homes need not be stressful if you organize your packing well! The key to packing is in the selection of the right cartons for the right objects. When selecting the cartons for packing your valuables, there are many considerations including:

  • Ease in assembling
  • Size and dimensions of the carton
  • Thickness and sturdiness
  • Durability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Easy transportation and handling
  • Environment or eco-friendly cartons made from recycled materials
  • Efficient storage space utilization
  • Flexibility
  • Extra packaging materials like foam for added protection of valuables

Creating a checklist of objects that need to be packed and marking the ones needed urgently and those that will be stored in the cartons for a long time will help identify the ideal cartons. There are multiple cartons available for each requirement.

Wherever you move, it is difficult to do without your favourite shows and movies. The entertainment units often are the most valued possessions in every household. Which is why while moving, paying extra attention to how you pack your precious plasma TV is critical. Plasma TV being large needs a sturdy packing carton such as the exclusive Plasma box. Measuring 1430mm X 325mm x 750 – 1100mm, the Plasma box has a super strong double layer carton. With an adjustable lid for added convenience, the carton can accommodate Plasma TV sets of up to 127 cm or 50”. For additional protection, four foam blocks along with two cam-lock straps prevent the TV set from getting damaged.

There are always some things that take top priority when you are moving home. Some things are immediately needed as soon as you shift. These could be anything from TV remotes, coffee maker to essential stationery. Many times endless hours are spent looking for these absolutely needed items in multiple boxes with frustration and fatigue being the end result! Packing these immediately needed items in a Priority carton that is printed red on a white background is the ideal solution. With the clearly differentiated packing material, you can save hours of searching and confusion.